Tareq Rantisi is an experienced Percussion instructor, for years he has been teaching various hand Percussion styles and techniques to students from all around the world. Tareq Rantisi is known for being a world percussionist.

Private Lessons
If you are a beginner or an advanced percussionist, looking to improve your language and technique;
Tareq Rantisi’s private lessons will provide you the necessary attention to improve your skills.

Middle Eastern Percussion Workshops


Learn how to play basic techniques, traditional Middle Eastern and North African rhythms . For beginner and intermediate levels.
Topics covered in the workshop:
• Basic playing techniques of the riqq/tambourine, tabla/doumbek, doholla, sagat/zils and various frame drums .
• Exercises to develop precise timing and sharp sounds.
• Rhythms from the Levant, North Africa  and Turkey.
• Combinations of rhythms.
• Ideas for accompaniment and Soloing.
• Simple explanation of odd time signatures (e.g. 7/8 and 9/8).
The workshop is accessible to students with any level of musical experience, percussion workshops allow the group to focus on learning rhythms and playing technique. As the group progresses throughout the series of workshops, they develop together and can begin to learn more advanced rhythmic concepts such as rhythmic interplay and poly-rhythms.

Online Lessons
If you are not able to make your lesson in person, you can arrange online lessons via skype, LessonFace, Takelessons and Thumbtack.

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