TAREQ RANTISI was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. Self-taught, he started his career playing middle-eastern percussion at the age of twelve and as a young musician had already shared the stage with some of the most distinguished musicians and associations in the region, including Kudsi Erguner, Manfred Leuchter, Lotfi Bouchnak, Alessio Allegrini, Ilham Al Madfai, Edward Said National Conservatory,The French Cultural Center, Goethe-Institut, The Popular Arts Center and Alkamandjati Association.

In 2008, Tareq received the Al-Qattan Foundation Music Scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in the United States, receiving a degree in Percussion Performance and graduating with highest honors (2012). During his education in Boston, he studied with numerous legendary musicians and educators: Jamey Haddad, Joe Galeota, Manuel “Egui” Castrillo, Ernesto Diaz, and Mikael Ringquist. Tareq’s studies brought him into a deep dialogue with styles from jazz to Afro-Cuban to Carnatic Indian to Brazilian and more. This broad range of study has allowed him to play virtually any percussion instrument and musical style with ease and incomparable musicality.

Since arriving in the United States, Tareq has performed with some of the biggest names in modern music, including Jack deJohnette, Steve Smith, Paul Winter, Simon Shaheen, Aaron Goldberg, Srinivas Krishnan, Victor Mendoza, Husnu Senlendirici, Eguie Castrillo, Bertram Lehmann, Billy Drewes, Basam Saba, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, Daniel Schnyder Bruno Råberg, Javier Limón, Pepe de Lucía, Glen Velez, Rima Khcheich, Ali Abdul Sattar, Sonia Mbarek, Charbel Rouhana and many other important virtuosic musicians, composers and groups.

Alongside his musical performing career, Tareq has developed a body of educational work, offering master classes, workshops and private lessons throughout the world in collaboration with Boston College, Brandeis University, The Center for Arabic Culture, NAFDA, The Arabic Music Retreat, The Gaza Music School, Qattan Foundation, Al Kamandjâti Association, Kufiyyeh Center of Music, and Yamaha Music School.



  • (2017) Sound Design “Shu’our akbar min el hob – A Feeling Greater Than Love” by Mary Jirmanus
  • (2016) Sound Track “Take My Pictures For Me” by Amahl Bishara
  • (2016) CD “Visions” by Yousif Yaseen
  • (2014) CD “Stars, Plants and Bugs” Louis de Mieulle
  • (2014) CD “Floor No. 4 Album” by Mohamed Najem
  • (2014) CD “Quarter to Midnight” by Wanees Zarour
  • (2013) Soundtrack to “May In The Summer” by Cherian Dabis composed by Kareem Roustom
  • (2013) “Tales from the forgotten kingdom” by Guy Mendilow
  • (2013) CD “New Ground” by Ekah Kim
  • (2013) CD “Intra Lu Munnu” by Sissy Castrogiovanni
  • (2013) CD “Mozambican Dance” by Albino Mbie
  • (2013) CD “TarEkah” by Tareq Rantisi & Ekah Kim
  • (2012) CD “Eastern Tapestries” by Christiane Karam & ZilZALA
  • (2012) CD & DVD “Tales From the Forgotten Kingdom” by Guy Mendilow Ensemble
  • (2012) CD “Muashahatuna” by the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music
  • (2012) CD “Reflections of Palestine” by Ramzi Abu Redwan
  • (2011) CD “Sandra Carrasco” by Sandra Carrasco
  • (2011) CD “UN” by Jussi Reijonen
  • (2011) Several appearances on (Entre Dos Aguas) TV program by Javier Limón
  • (2009) CD “Songs of the People” by Christiane Karam & ZilZALA
  • (2009) CD & DVD “Al-Fawanees” by Edward Said National Conservatory
  • (2008) CD “Oyoun Al Kalaam” by Dalouna group
  • (2007) CD “Bilsalamah ya A’rosa” by Kasaba Theatre
  • (2007) CD “Musicians From Al Kamandjati Live 2” by Richard “Dobbs” Hartshorne
  • (2006) CD “Musicians From Al Kamandjati Live” by Richard “Dobbs” Hartshorne
  • (2006) CD “Banafsaji” by Aywa Group
  • (2006) CD “Hada Leil” by Turab Group
  • (2000) CD “Palestinian Folk” by Popular Arts Center